Bring Innovations Faster

We uncomplicate technology integrations and allow seamless integration into new ones, so you can build partnerships, become more efficient and bring innovations to your organization.

Data Analysis

Analyze data throughout the organization with an intuitive frontend and beautiful charts and graphs that can export into Microsoft Excel, Adobe PDF, Google Sheets, CSV and more. We can connect to many commonly used data sources and web services to connect people and data in meaningful ways for an organization. These interactive charts on desktop browsers and mobile devices will give your organization actionable insights without complicated setups.


We take away the pain of innovation through technology. Portal CTRL was born from senior business users and developers to build a flexible solution that would lie between existing systems to form stronger bonds or automation. This new “middleware” would provide actionable reports to management and create actionable alerts where needed. As Portal CTRL grows, we make integrations easier, add reports and functionality that the community or industries desire. Rest your mind and staff knowing we will never tie you down to one technology.

Technology To-Go

Android™, iOS®, and Windows devices work well with our system. Team members, partners, and customers can have access wherever they go. Keep your organizations connected and strengthen relationships. Analytics in your Portal CTRL implementation will provide you with an overview of device usage over time with associated activities. Let the content sharing, workflow completion and deadline met ahead of schedule begin!

Integrate your Data Sources and Services

Portal CTRL can connect to OLAP cubes, SAP, Microsoft SQL databases, MySQL, Oracle databases, web services, third-party companies and more natively. The gives you the ability to automate processes, improve inefficiencies, and share data internally or externally without compromise.

Inform Inspire and Engage your Organization

Portal CTRL allows you to share information inside or outside your organization. Send emails and automated reports to your customers, employees or sales team painlessly. Want those environments to be separated? Provide portal solutions quickly, with a great user experience and works on mobile devices. Engage your audience with interactive content and processes that encourage them thoughtfully to streamline your processes. Works with Office365, SAP, and Salesforce.

Strong Security in Mind

Manage your current risks using best practices. Portal CRTL has several layers of security and reporting for auditing, eDiscovery, and auditing. With an intuitively secure design, it can be hosted in your enterprise environment or the cloud. Implementations will work regardless of current systems or newly developed ones. Portal CTRL is fluid an anticipates change while saving time and money.

Build Applications that Transform your Business, Faster

With Portal CTRL – App Builder, you can create full systems with workflows, reports, alerts, form submissions directly to databases or web services in minutes without writing a line of code or a proprietary generic list. All of this is accomplished through a beautiful and intuitive frontend. A business user’s sweet dream. Did we mention it’s mobile friendly by design?

Building Intelligent Reports and Alerts

In a perfect world, an alert and report would have next steps and contextual background to tell the full story. Welcome to that world. Share reports and alerts internally and externally in your organization. The reports and alerts are easy to build and are technology agnostic. Also, they work with workflows to make an unbeatable combination.

Automation, Accountability and Workflows

Relax. We can turn manual workflows to partial or fully automated ones. Then offer management dashboards to follow the life or monitoring of a task with the tap of a finger. The workflow builder is visual and easy to use. Enjoy building approvals, manage sales processes, rules-driven workflows, multistage processes and modeling complexes.

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More to Discover

We are so excited to be apart of your journey! Let us show you some additional features.

More to Discover

Getting Started page

Getting Started page As part of efforts to improve user onboarding, I shipped an experiment to a subset of new users showing them a Getting Started page immediately after signup to help them get to what we think are some of the most important actions for new users to take. We compared the subset of users against a control group to see whether such an experience improved engagement over a period of time.

Create Applications with More Value

Create applications that communicate with all of your systems to fill in the missing gaps without infrastructure changes. Organizations will save an average of 800% on implementation time. Portal CTRL applications are authored by IT or business users.

More to Discover

More to Discover

Flexible Document Storage

Do you have a current document storage solution that does not communicate with your other systems? No worries. Portal CTRL can connect all of your systems or create a new one using the cloud or local storage painlessly. Welcome to the future. Yes, we work with SharePoint, Amazon Web Services, Azure, IBM FileNet, Dropbox, local storage and more…