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Our Story

The Alliable team has built web applications for several Fortune 500 companies over our careers spanning a decade. Trends would come and go, but certain road blocks stayed the same. These applications took several months to years and required experienced teams. We knew there had to be a better way to build applications, quickly. There wasn’t one that covered the problems most companies would face, so we built Portal CTRL. On our first test, we replicated 80% of an enterprise environment in 8 hours. Portal CTRL provides the savvy thought leaders of the IT world with the proper tools to develop fantastic applications quickly and inexpensively, resulting in a faster and higher return on investment.

Value Proposition

Allowing IT thought leaders and IT solutions consultants, the ability to achieve a faster return on investment and innovate within their market through quick application development.


Customers first; relationships matter; be open, honest and constructive; discovers your limits; take intelligent risks; act like an owner; articulate your intentions; grow employees